Thursday, September 23, 2010

Welcome to Stories from WHS Driver Education

As of today 09/24/2010, I have taught 106 students to drive a car here at WHS.
I am here to share some of the funny aspects of what those students did and said while in the driver education car, or in my classroom.
This blog is dedicated to the students I have taught in years gone by and to the students I have today and in the future. I will not use anyone's name, so students must see if these stories sound familiar to something you might have said or done? I hope everyone reading this collection of stories will enjoy them.
Let me begin this blog with some stories from my first year as a driver ed teacher at Woodsville High School.

10/1/2008 - 10/30/2008
My first class at Woodsville High School.
These kids had been waiting for a long time to take drivers ed since the teacher before me went on vacation to Arizona over the summer and needed to stay there to take care of her Mother.

Two male students took it upon themselves to introduce me to the Haverhill area which was a nice thing for them to do. The only thing I asked is that they didn't take me on any roads that were not in good condition. The driver ed car was not made for "mudding" 

There was one student in this class who loved japanese music. She said it helped her focus and relax while driving, so I let her bring in a cd, and play it softly as she sang along with the songs. That was different.

One student from this group, while taking the road test, stopped at a red flashing light and the tester asked why he stopped? The students answer was " I am waiting for it to turn green."

One student in this group had a photographic memory. He liked using power points. He could memorize them with no note taking.... amazing!

A student from this class told me that she was my "favorite student" and she would remind me of that until she graduated in 2010. I have no favorites, they are all great!
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